I could not be more excited to perform with my good friend Victor Stanislavsky this coming Monday at the Museum of Art in Tel Aviv. In October, Victor traveled to New York City and performed the program with me three times; in a house concert, at the American Irish Historical Society, and at the Rose Studio at Lincoln Center. All three concerts were very well attended and everyone we heard from loved the program which features works by Beethoven, Schumann, Bloch, Brahms and Chopin. Victor and I are old friends and first performed together in 2006 at the Steans Institute of the Ravinia Festival in Chicago. Since then we have always wanted to work together but only managed this year to put together a collaboration. What I love most about playing with Victor is the opportunity to work closely with someone who sees each score in a very special way. Victor is always pointing out facets of the music I had not previously heard which makes working with him a very inspiring process. I always learn so much from Victor and our communication in rehearsal and on stage is some of the best I have experienced. Our concert is Monday, November 24th at 8:00 PM. For details click HERE.



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