I had a great time performing last week at the American Irish Historical Society on 5th Avenue across from the Metropolitan Museum at 80th street.  The wonderful people there were so kind to host a concert and to invite people they thought might be willing to become involved in a supportive way with my efforts in Spain. It was a lovely evening and there were indeed some very interesting individuals in attendance (I wish I could tell you all about them but am sure they prefer to remain anonymous, at least for now)! The American Irish Historical Society has become a home for me as I have now performed there a hand-full of times in recent years. They have a monthly concert series curated by Jim Jacobs, Dr. Kevin Cahill and Chris Cahill of the AIHS and The Juilliard School which often provides the young talent. I am hoping to present a concert there next year with a pianist friend of mine, Victor Stanislavsky, in anticipation of a recital we are performing at the Tel Aviv Art Museum November 24.



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