I am very excited to share with you a video recording from a recent recital with my pianist friend and colleague, Victor Stanislavsky. This performance features works by Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms and Chopin and took place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel. Victor and I met in 2006 at the Steans Institute and Ravinia Festival in Chicago. Since then we have performed together often and we are developing exciting plans for the future. Stay tuned for more info about our upcoming concerts and events! Here is a link to our recording of Brahms' Sonata no. 2 in F Major for Cello and Piano. Enjoy the music, and thank you for visiting here at www.danejohansen.com. Your interest and support is very much appreciated.
PictureThe Cello Mob, enjoying a doughnut in Fairbanks.
This summer included some very exciting concerts and some wonderful opportunities to work with young cellists. I visited my home town of Fairbanks Alaska to teach and perform at the Fairbanks Suzuki Institute. It seemed like the whole town showed up for my recital there and the kids were really excited to have lessons and to work with all of the other cellists in what they call the Cello Mob. I had a blast and really enjoyed the opportunity to return to Alaska and give back to the community that gave me so much. I'll be returning again in October and will look forward to catching up with all the young cellists in Fairbanks! The key to winning over cellists of any age - Doughnuts.

PictureDuring a master class in Ithaca.
Following my trip to Alaska, I traveled to Ithaca, New York to teach and perform at the Ithaca Suzuki Institute. The week there was wonderful. The recital went very well, and the kids were all inspired, super excited about playing their instruments and working hard to improve. I always love returning to Ithaca - I was a student there when I was a kid! My mother has taught the violin during the summer in Ithaca for a long time, so I used to travel there with her and work with Gilda Barston in what was called 'Cello Boot Camp!' Again, it was so nice to return and give something back to a place that was special to me as a young cellist.

PictureThe cellists at Lyra Summer Music Workshop.
I very much enjoyed a first experience at the Lyra Summer Music Workshop in Randolph, Vermont. As is usually the case with young musicians (and especially cellists), the kids at Lyra were great. They were so eager to learn, very talented and so appreciative of the master class. As usual, I had a blast performing a recital for the students. If you have young students, you should definitely consider sending them to Lyra. They are sure to grow immeasurably and have fun doing it!